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Player: Ruru
Character: John Egbert
Series: Homestuck
Type of adjustment: Canon Update
Current canon point: At the end of the last (third) intermission of act six, when John reawakens from his angry nap.
Current powerset: N/A
Specifics: John's current point takes him from wandering around inside a castle with Rose before things really got downhill for him. In his current canon bump, he will have finally seen his dead father (something he's only been told about in the City), as well as finding Rose dead (who he manages to resurrect), and singlehanded resets his entire universe (while his friends go about finding ways to make sure they can make it into the new universe John started instead of ceasing to exist).

After this John spends another two years on a flying ship (a literal battleship even though it's not in the water) traveling through "space", from one universe to the new one (which is scheduled to take three years, but canon hasn't covered all this time yet). He is stuck with his sister (Jade), friend/possible frenemy (Davesprite) and a host of colorful and quirky talking animals. During the time on the ship John mostly plays video games and pals around with the animals there while trying to kill time. He may or may not be suffering from a pretty severe case of cabin fever too.

During this time they stumble across things called "dream bubbles". There is a wiki article if you'd like. Mostly they just matter, because whenever someone is knocked unconscious they are able to enter one, and when Jade accidentally manages to slam John's head into a wall (ouch!) he ends up entering one where he meets Roxy (Dave and Rose's biological mom), and Meenah (the alternate universe version of one of Homestuck's Big Bads) who coincidentally tries to chuck a trident through Roxy. She is only saved by John shoving her out of the way of harm before waking up.

That's just the first time, however. The second time, a year later he enters the dream bubbles when literally passing out in a fit of rage and has another chance to confront his father's killer and almost gets a chance to defeat him before he's interrupted. He moves through the bubble from th there and is able to finally meet his friend, Vriska for the first time and learn about her death, as well as the troll, Tavros who he has something of a bizarre squabble with over a ring that John picks up and Tavros wants to use to propose to Vriska. Vriska tells John all about the plans being hatched to do in the big bad of the series so he's finally more in the know about everything going on, and then Meenah shows up again and forks him back away. It's becoming something of a yearly tradition for them.

As for personality changes? Well, overall judging from the conversation with Vriska and Tavros John isn't too different from when he was a kid. He's got more of a barbed tongue when it comes to cutting remarks than before, but when he wants to John's always had it in him to make some pretty unpleasant remarks. He has started to grow up and mature when it comes to his taste in media, and some of the things he enjoyed just a couple years back he's started to realize is embarrassingly stupid if you take it seriously. The biggest difference is John's going stir crazy from being stuck on the ship. He's very aggressive and testy while on the ship, acting like a jerk to Jade, and outright wanting to have a physical fight with Davesprite. He does seem to calm down a lot once he enters the dream bubbles and gets to talk to Vriska and Tavros, but his fuse is definitely shorter than it used to be, and his tolerance for bullshit definitely not what it once was.

The biggest reason for wanting this canon bump is that he will have a greater knowledge base of his own canon/world/universe/the game he's playing, and have a better understanding of all the events people have informed him of, but he hasn't experienced first hand. He's also had a very different way of growing in the game verses how he's grown in the City, and it'll be interesting to try to merge the two different sets of growth.

As a side note! I'd like for him to show up with the ring he picks up in the dream bubbles and brings back to the ship with him. Mostly for silly opportunities to give Tavros a hard time about it. So far it just looks like a normal golden ring, but this being Homestuck I wouldn't be surprised if it has more plot significance, so I will also understand if you guys say nay to the ring.

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Hey, this is Dave Strider. I am being insufferably douchy somewhere right now and can't be assed to pick up my phone. But if you have a message for John Egbert instead, leave it here after the beep.
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Let me know if you don't want me to reply to you with john's font.

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